Neural model of transfer-of-binding in visual relative motion perception.

Marshall, J.A. and Schmitt, C.P. and Kalarickal, G.J. and Alley, R.K. (1998) Neural model of transfer-of-binding in visual relative motion perception. [Preprint]

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A new way of measuring generalization in unsupervised learning is presented. The measure is based on an exclusive allocation, or credit assignment, criterion. In a classifier that satisfies the criterion, input patterns are parsed so that the credit for each input feature is assigned exclusively to one of multiple, possibly overlapping, output categories. Such a classifier achieves context-sensitive, global representations of pattern data. Two additional constraints, sequence masking and uncertainty multiplexing, are described; these can be used to refine the measure of generalization. The generalization performance of EXIN networks, winner-take-all competitive learning networks, linear decorrelator networks, and Nigrin's SONNET-2 network is compared.

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