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Liu, Mr. Peilei and Wang, Professor Ting (2014) A Unified Quantitative Model of Vision and Audition. [Preprint]

ALEXANDER, MR MALCOM MARSHALL (2014) A Survey on Image Retrieval Methods. [Conference Paper] (Unpublished)

Linhares, Dr Alexandre (2013) The emergence of choice: Decision-making and strategic thinking through analogies. [Preprint]

Escalante-B., Alberto-N. and Wiskott, Prof. Dr. Laurenz (2013) How to Solve Classification and Regression Problems on High-Dimensional Data with a Supervised Extension of Slow Feature Analysis. [Preprint]

Rdaideh, Mr Mustafa (2011) The International Conference on Information and Communication Systems (ICICS 2011). [Conference Paper]

Buliga, Marius (2011) Computing with space: a tangle formalism for chora and difference. [Preprint]

Maltoni, Prof. Davide (2011) Pattern Recognition by Hierarchical Temporal Memory. [Departmental Technical Report] (Unpublished)

Rathi, Yogesh and Malcolm, James and Bouix, Sylvain and Tannenbaum, Allen and Shenton, Martha E (2010) Affine Registration of label maps in Label Space. [Journal (Paginated)]

Raju , Mandhapati P. and Khaitan, Siddhartha (2009) Domain Decomposition Based High Performance Parallel Computing. [Journal (Paginated)]

Franzius, Mathias and Sprekeler, Henning and Wiskott, Prof. Dr. Laurenz (2007) Slowness and Sparseness Lead to Place, Head-Direction, and Spatial-View Cells. [Journal (Paginated)]

Spratling, Michael W (2006) Learning image components for object recognition. [Journal (Paginated)]


Almeida, Mariana S. C. and Almeida, Luís B. (2006) WAVELET BASED NONLINEAR SEPARATION OF IMAGES. [Preprint]

Miravet, Carlos and Rodriguez, Francisco B. (2005) Accurate and robust image superresolution by neural processing of local image representations. [Conference Paper]

Balkenius, Christian and Johansson, Birger (2005) Event Prediction and Object Motion Estimation in the Development of Visual Attention. [Conference Paper]

Spratling, Dr Michael (2005) Learning viewpoint invariant perceptual representations from cluttered images. [Journal (Paginated)]

Aryananda, Lijin (2005) Out in the World: What Did The Robot Hear And See? [Conference Poster]

Baillie, Jean-Christophe and Nottale, Matthieu (2005) Segmentation Stability: a Key Component for Joint Attention. [Conference Poster]

Stocker, Dr. Alan (2004) Integrated 2-D Optical Flow Sensor. [Preprint]

Clifton, Mr Andrew (2004) Blind man’s bluff and the Turing test. [Preprint]

Olsson, Lars and Nehaniv, Chrystopher L. and Polani, Daniel (2004) The Effects on Visual Information in a Robot in Environments with Oriented Contours. [Conference Paper]

Fitzpatrick, Paul and Arsenio, Artur (2004) Feel the beat: using cross-modal rhythm to integrate perception of objects, others, and self. [Conference Paper]

Driancourt, Remi (2004) An Ontogenetic Model of Perceptual Organization for a developmental Robot. [Conference Paper]

Prince, Christopher G. and Hollich, George J. and Helder, Nathan A. and Mislivec, Eric J. and Reddy, Anoop and Salunke, Sampanna and Memon, Naveed (2004) Taking Synchrony Seriously: A Perceptual-Level Model of Infant Synchrony Detection. [Conference Paper]

Schirra, Dr Jörg R.J. (2003) Variations and Application Conditions Of the Data Type »Image« - The Foundation of Computational Visualistics. [Thesis]

Berkes, Pietro and Wiskott, Laurenz (2003) Slow feature analysis yields a rich repertoire of complex cell properties. [Preprint]

Stocker, Dr. Alan (2003) Compact Integrated Transconductance Amplifier Circuit for Temporal Differentiation. [Conference Paper]

Poelz, Patrick M. and Prem, Erich (2003) Concept Acquisition Using Isomap on Sensorimotor Experiences of a Mobiole Robot. [Conference Poster]

Kaplan, Frederic and Oudeyer, Pierre-Yves (2003) Motivational principles for visual know-how development. [Conference Paper]

Roy, Deb (2003) Robots, language, and meaning. [Conference Paper]

Yang, Li and Jabri, Marwan (2003) Sparse visual models for biologically inspired sensorimotor control. [Conference Paper]

Seth, Anil K. and McKinstry, Jeffrey L. and Edelman, Gerald M. and Krichmar, Jeffrey L. (2003) Visual binding, reentry, and neuronal synchrony in a physically situated brain-based device. [Conference Poster]

Schlesinger, Matthew and Casey, Patrick (2003) Visual Expectations in Infants: Evaluating the Gaze-Direction Model. [Conference Paper]

Arsenio, Artur and Fitzpatrick, Paul and Kemp, Charles C. and Metta, Giorgio (2003) The Whole World in Your Hand: Active and Interactive Segmentation. [Conference Paper]

Berkes, Pietro and Wiskott, Laurenz (2002) Applying Slow Feature Analysis to Image Sequences Yields a Rich Repertoire of Complex Cell Properties. [Conference Paper]

Metta, Giorgio and Fitzpatrick, Paul (2002) Better Vision Through Manipulation. [Conference Paper]

stocker, alan (2002) An improved 2D optical flow sensor for motion segmentation. [Conference Paper]

Hillenbrand, Dr. Ulrich and Hirzinger, Prof. Dr. Gerd (2002) Probabilistic Search for Object Segmentation and Recognition. [Conference Paper]

Prince, Christopher G. and Mislivec, Eric J. (2001) Humanoid Theory Grounding. [Conference Poster]

Jarvilehto, Timo (1999) The theory of the organism-environment system: III. Role of efferent influences on receptors in the formation of knowledge. [Journal (Paginated)]

Schmidhuber, Juergen (1998) Facial beauty and fractal geometry. [Departmental Technical Report]

Sloman, Aaron (1998) What sort of architecture is required for a human-like agent? [Preprint]

Sloman, Aaron (1998) The evolution of what? [Preprint] (Unpublished)

Marshall, J.A. and Schmitt, C.P. and Kalarickal, G.J. and Alley, R.K. (1998) Neural model of transfer-of-binding in visual relative motion perception. [Preprint]

Stocker, Alan and Douglas, Rodney (1998) Computation of Smooth Optical Flow in a Feedback Connected Analog Network. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

Würtz, Rolf P. (1998) Neural networks as a model for visual perception: what is lacking? [Preprint]

Lourens, T. and Würtz, R.P. (1998) Object recognition by matching symbolic edge graphs. [Conference Paper]

Stone, James V. (1998) Object Recognition Using Spatiotemporal Signatures. [Journal (Paginated)]

Sloman, Aaron (1998) The ``Semantics'' of Evolution: Trajectories and Trade-offs in Design Space and Niche Space. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

Sloman, A. (1998) The ``Semantics'' of Evolution: Trajectories and Trade-offs in Design Space and Niche Space. [Conference Paper] (In Press)

Oliva, Aude and Schyns, Phillipe G (1997) Coarse blobs or fine edges? Evidence that information diagnosticity changes the perception of complex visual stimuli. [Journal (Paginated)]

Würtz, Rolf P. (1997) Context dependent feature groups, a proposal for object representation. [Journal (Paginated)]

Würtz, R.P. and Lourens, T. (1997) Corner detection in color images by multiscale combination of end-stopped cortical cells. [Conference Paper]

Marshall, J.A. and Kalarickal, G.J. (1997) Modeling dynamic receptive field changes in primary visual cortex using inhibitory learning. [Book Chapter]

Würtz, Rolf P. (1997) Object Recognition Robust Under Translations, Deformations, and Changes in Background. [Journal (Paginated)]

Miikkulainen, Risto and Bednar, James A. and Choe, Yoonsuck and Sirosh, Joseph (1997) Self-Organization, Plasticity, and Low-level Visual Phenomena in a Laterally Connected Map Model of the Primary Visual Cortex. [Book Chapter]

Smagt, P. van der (1997) Teaching a robot to see how it moves. [Book Chapter]

Smagt, P. van der and Groen, F. (1997) Visual feedback in motion. [Book Chapter]

Leow, Wee Kheng and Miikkulainen, Risto (1997) Visual Schemas in Neural Networks for Object Recognition and Scene Analysis. [Journal (Paginated)]

Marshall, J.A. and Kalarickal, G.J. and E.B., Graves (1996) Neural model of visual stereomatching: Slant, transparency, and clouds. [Journal (Paginated)]

Marshall, J.A. and Burbeck, C.A. and Ariely, D. and Rolland, J.P. and Martin, K.E. (1996) Occlusion edge blur: A cue to relative visual depth. [Journal (Paginated)]

Sloman, A. (1996) Actual Possibilities. [Conference Paper]

Marshall, J A and Alley, R K and Hubbard, R S (1996) Learning to predict visibility and invisibility from occlusion events. [Book Chapter]

Spratling, M. W. and Cipolla, R. (1996) Uncalibrated visual servoing. [Conference Paper]

Marshall, J.A. (1995) Adaptive perceptual pattern recognition by self-organizing neural networks: Context, uncertainty, multiplicity, and scale. [Journal (Paginated)]

Wiskott, Laurenz and Fellous, Jean-Marc and Krüger, Norbert and von der Malsburg, Christoph (1995) Face Recognition and Gender Determination. [Conference Paper]

Marshall, J. A. and Alley, R. K. (1993) A self-organizing neural network that learns to detect and represent visual depth from occlusion events. [Conference Paper]

Martin, K.E. and Marshall, J.A. (1993) Unsmearing visual motion: Development of long-range horizontal intrinsic connections. [Book Chapter]

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