Delusional Belief induced by clomiphene treatment

Grimm, Dr. Oliver and Hubrich, Dr. Petra (2006) Delusional Belief induced by clomiphene treatment. [Preprint]

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We report the case of a 35 year old women who developed a complex paranoid delusion during the course of clomiphene treatment für ovulation. The psychopathology was remarkable, because after a short hypomanic period the patient was without severe cognitive disturbance but struggled with a complex monothematic delusion. The delusion vanished in the course of a combination treatment with olanzapine a cognitive behavioral therapy. We could not entirely rule out the possibility of an endogenous psychiatric disease but nevertheless we encountered an unusual monothematic delusion which showed a strong temporal correlation with the intake of clomiphene. We provide some speculation about underlying neurobiological mechanisms on the basis of the dopamine theory of delusion.

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Keywords:estrogene, clomiphene, psychosis, delusion
Subjects:Neuroscience > Neuropsychiatry
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Deposited On:01 Sep 2006
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