Retinal Dysplasia Mimicking Retinoblastoma.

Ravikumar, HN and Vani, R and Santosh, KV and Joji, A (2012) Retinal Dysplasia Mimicking Retinoblastoma. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Retinal dysplasia represents a congenital disorder characterized by abnormal proliferation of retinal tissue causing leukocoria. We present a case of an infant with bilateral leukocoria, clinically diagnosed as retinoblastoma, followed by enucleation of the left eye. Microscopy however, demonstrated retinal dysplasia consisting of a disorderly proliferation of retinal tissue with formation of rosettes, mimicking retinoblastoma. Microscopic features that aid in differentiating this lesion from retinoblastoma are discussed.

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Keywords:Retinal Dysplasia; Retinoblastoma; Leukocoria
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