Chronic Myeloid Leukemia with Variant Chromosomal Translocations: Results of Treatment with Imatinib Mesylate.

Bhise, R and Purohit, S and Lokanatha, D and Jacob, L and Suresh, TM and Govind Babu, K and Babu, S and Lakshmaiah, KC (2013) Chronic Myeloid Leukemia with Variant Chromosomal Translocations: Results of Treatment with Imatinib Mesylate. [Journal (On-line/Unpaginated)]

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Objective: To evaluate the efficacy of imatinib in chronic myeloid leukemia patients with variant translocations. Methods: Forty eight chronic myeloid leukemia patients carrying variant translocations and treated with imatinib at our institute were considered for the study. Survival and response rates were evaluated. Results: The median follow up was 48 months(m). Forty three (89.58%) patients achieved complete hematologic response. Thirty one (64.58%) patients achieved complete cytogenetic response and 19(39.58%) achieved major molecular response anytime during their follow up period. Only 18.75% of the patients achieved complete cytogenetic response and major molecular response within the stipulated time frames.The estimated overall survival at 48 m median follow up was 81.2%.The progression free survival was also 81.2% and the event free survival was 79.1%.There was no significant survival difference between low vs intermediate and high risk sokal group. Conclusion: We report suboptimal responses to imatinib in chronic myeloid leukemia with variant translocations. Further studies with imatinib and the newer more active drugs dasatinib and nilotinib are justified.

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Keywords:Chronic myeloid leukemia; Imatinib; Variant translocation
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