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The eCHASE prototypes will be hosted centrally to demonstrate the system and business model. However the future of eCHASE beyond the project could include system installations at content provider sites that would produce their own content packages for sale. This opens up a range of new platforms that would need to be supported in this event. Therefore, for eCHASE to produce a system that could be the core of a viable business model it must be designed as a cross platform system, at least supporting Windows and Linux.

The schema represented below includes a brief recap of a possible core hardware support infrastructure for the eChase platform.

We can notice four dedicated layers of network one for each of the following:

  • Front end network
  • Back end network
  • Management network
  • SAN (Storage Area Network)

The sizing phase to establish the physical number of machines for a specific service support will be part of another, future, step of analysis.

Anyway, at the moment, is possible to forecast different machines for the following eChase services:

  • Web pool (HTTP Web Server Front end)
  • Admin Portal
  • Web Services
  • Db Pool (RDBMS)
  • File Server (Storage pool)
  • Index Server
  • Aggregation & Authoring tools
  • Content Management
  • LDAP services
  • Backup & Management

Phisical View

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