D5.1 System Specification

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eChase Architecture[edit]

  1. Overview
  2. EChase Architecture
  3. EChase user view
  4. EChase Demonstrator view
  5. Demonstrator Overall Architecture and Workflow

eChase Subsystems[edit]

  1. Presentation Subsystem
  2. Access Control Subsystem
  3. Application Subsystem
  4. Data Management Subsystem
  5. Metadata Import Framework

Physical Architectural View[edit]

Non Functional specification[edit]

  1. Performance
  2. High availability
  3. Scalability
  4. Interoperability

Verification Plan: Acceptance test specification[edit]

List of Acronyms[edit]

Bibliography and References[edit]

Appendix A – Detailed Demonstrator System Architecture[edit]

Appendix B - Ontology and content mapping tool[edit]

Appendix C - Content Filters[edit]

Appendix D - Content based analysis modules[edit]

Appendix E - Other Use Cases[edit]

Appendix F - SSL’s Software Toolkit[edit]

Appendix G - An Image Library Network Architecture[edit]

  1. General description of the Hulton Archive Components
  2. The Terminology Systems for Getty Images
  3. Relevance of the Hulton and Getty Images software to eCHASE