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Following the feedback from the evaluation questionnaires on Prototype 1.2, it's clear that we need to review the user interface for the eCHASE portal web application for the project to be attractive to potential adopters.

To help with this, examples from a number of existing sites have been collated here for us to comment on and use for inspiration for our own design.

If there's anything you like or dislike, or think we should or should not implement then add your comments to each page.

Existing Content Portal Websites[edit]

In no particular order...

Mockups for eCHASE UI[edit]

Criticise openly, and feel free to add your own should you feel suitably inspired. Use whichever tool suits you best - be it Photoshop or a pencil.

Issues with eCHASE UI on Safari (OS X[edit]

There are lots of problems with the web app stylesheets under Safari. OS X Screenshots