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Concept Mapping Between Compendium and IX

Chen-Burger, Dr. Yun-Heh and Tate, Prof. Austin (2003) Concept Mapping Between Compendium and IX. Technical Report EDI-INF-RR-0166, Informatics, University of Edinburgh, UK.

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This document provides a conceptual framework for mapping modelling primitives between I-X adn Compendium. It extends the initial description of issues discussed during the CoAKTinG workshop at Open University, October 10-11, 2002. Its content is based on a follow-up internal Edinburgh meeting and the design of new I-X v3.0. Feedback in telephone conversations with Michelle Bachler from OU has also been factored in.

Keywords:sense-making, meeting rationale capture, groupware, planning, workflow, collaboration.
AKT Challenges > Knowledge reuse
AKT Challenges > Knowledge acquisition
AKT Challenges > Knowledge publishing
AKT Challenges > Knowledge modelling
AKT Challenges > Knowledge maintenance
ID Code:381
Deposited By:Chen-Burger, Dr. Jessica
Deposited On:22 February 2005

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