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Mapping Principles between IX and Compendium

Chen-Burger, Dr. Yun-Heh (2003) Mapping Principles between IX and Compendium. Technical Report EDI-INF-RR-0167, Informatics, The University of Edinburgh, UK.

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This document describes initial attempts to provide mapping principles that may be carried out for translating concepts between Compendium and IX Process Panels. This document is based on previous mapping results [1] and provides a more detailed illustration of it. Its purpose is to promote discussion and provide a foundation for forming mapping consensus between Compendium and IX. This document first describes mapping principles. These principles are used in and demonstrated by a concrete example that is based on a larger Compendium map provided by Simon Buckingham-Shum, KMI OU. As understood, a new version of IX Process Panel will be produced. In addition to the existing Issue, Activity and Constraint sub-panels, the new IX Process Panel will also have an Annotation sub-panel. Although these changes will largely not affect its conceptual mapping to Compendium, the presentation of the mapping results will be reflected in an IX Panel. This document is constructed based on this new IX Process Panel.

Keywords:sense-making, meeting support, planning, workflow, collaboration.
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Deposited By:Chen-Burger, Dr. Jessica
Deposited On:22 February 2005

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