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Hypermedia Support for Argumentation-Based Rationale: 15 Years on from gIBIS and QOC

Buckingham Shum, Dr S and Selvin, A and Sierhuis, Dr M and Conklin, Dr J and Haley, C and Nuseibeh, Prof B (2006) Hypermedia Support for Argumentation-Based Rationale: 15 Years on from gIBIS and QOC, in Dutoit, A and McCall, R and Mistrik, I and Paech, B, Eds. Rationale Management in Software Engineering, pages pp. 111-132. Springer-Verlag.

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Having developed, used and evaluated some of the early IBIS-based approaches to design rationale (DR) such as gIBIS and QOC in the late 1980s/mid-1990s, we describe the subsequent evolution of the argumentation-based paradigm through software support, and per-spectives drawn from modeling and meeting facilitation. Particular attention is given to the challenge of negotiating the overheads of capturing this form of rationale. Our approach has maintained a strong emphasis on keeping the representational scheme as simple as possible to enable real time meeting mediation and capture, attending explicitly to the skills required to use the approach well, particularly for the sort of participatory, multi-stakeholder requirements analysis demanded by many design problems. However, we can then specialize the notation and the way in which the tool is used in the service of specific methodologies, supported by a customizable hypermedia environment, and interoperable with other software tools. After presenting this approach, called Compendium, we present examples to illustrate the capabilities for support security argumentation in requirements engineering, template driven modeling for document generation, and IBIS-based indexing of and navigation around video records of meetings.

Keywords:rationale capture, cognitive overhead, hypemedia, argumentation, Compendium, IBIS, QOC
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Deposited By:Buckingham Shum, Dr Simon
Deposited On:19 April 2006
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