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Knowledge Management Support for Enterprise Distributed Systems

Chen-Burger, Dr. Yun-Heh and Kalfoglou, Dr. Yannis (2007) Knowledge Management Support for Enterprise Distributed Systems , in Rittgen, Dr. Peter, Eds. Handbook of Ontologies for Business Interactions. Idea Group Inc..

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The era we are living in is characterised by an unprecedented explosion of information that is digitized and available to large audiences through online, distributed and open-ended environments. Presented with it are also opportunities to exploit this information meaningfully and benefiting from it. Modern organisations have to quickly adapt to this new phenomenon: software applications, database and expert systems that were designed and run by a closed group of software and knowledge engineers who had centralised control over the entire lifecycle of IT artefacts seem to be old practice today. Moreover, the distributed nature of IT systems has experienced a dramatic explosion with the arrival and generalised use of the Internet and its associated technologies – hypertext and XML based documents, online databases, terminological repositories, Web services, blogs - which continually challenge the traditional roles of IT in our society. To address these problems, we investigate the important roles played by human, Organisational Memory (OM) and business processes in an organisation and how they relate to each other. We also speculate that formal logical methods, such as the semantic-based ADP (Actor, Data and Process-oriented) framework proposed here, can interface these important organisational components to help improve the utilisation of an OM, thus lead to organisational performance enhancements. We start our exploration of KM support for enterprise distributed systems by focussing on a core component of many enterprises: the Organisational Memory (OM).

Keywords:Knowledge Management, Ontology Network Analysis, Business Process Modelling, Business Analysis, Process Analysis, Knowledge Systems, Business Intelligence
Subjects:AKT Challenges > Knowledge reuse
AKT Challenges > Knowledge acquisition
AKT Challenges > Knowledge publishing
AKT Challenges > Knowledge modelling
ID Code:599
Deposited By:Chen-Burger, Dr. Jessica
Deposited On:07 March 2007

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