The Plot

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History of Cuba

The book ‘Fidel Castro a biography’ by  Volker Skierka provides a good overview of Fidel Castro and the history of Cuba. The preface provides a summary of Cuban history and Chapters 1 and 2 give a good account of his personality and later chapters chart the course of the revolution. You can access this book online via Google Scholar.

An overview of Fidel Castro and the History of Cuba is provided by the video below. Although it is presented very much from  a Western perspective it covers all the events and issues covered in this musical and so would be useful to watch to get an idea of which aspect you want to write a song about.



Characters (click to view)

Plot Outline (click to view) 

Working Script (click to view)


The plot and script shown in this section is the original work of Dr Denise Baden (University of Southampton) and is under copyright. Students are free to draw upon and use this material for lyrics for songs that they submit to this competition.


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