Song about Cuban missile crisis

See scene 11b in plot outline/working script.

The Cubans refer to this as the October Crisis as it happened in October 1962. It is reported that Fidel was not happy about the way in which the Soviets put nuclear missiles in Cuba. But after the Bay of Pigs invasion, Fidel agrees with the Soviets that the US will not rest until they invade Cuba. However Fidel wants the missiles placed openly and is angry when Khrushchev places them covertly. Fidel  is also not happy that the official memo says the Cubans had asked for the missiles when Khrushchev had asked the Cubans to have them. Fidel and Che are both angry when Soviets just withdrew the missiles with consulting them as it makes them feel like a pawn in a clash of superpowers.

You could have this as a tense number which is sung in turns by the Soviets, the US and the Cubans. Or a possible song could be ‘security’ e.g. ‘you gotta have security’ as Fidel relied heavily on his security staff to infiltrate the CIA and to protect him. This song could be sung to reflect the assassination attempts and reprised for the Cuban Missile crisis. This is also a very tense time for Fidel and places him under a lot of pressure. If you saw the film ’13 days’ you can get the US perspective, but the film fails to mention that a secret attack on Cuba was planned. Both President Kennedy’s US administration and Fidel Castro were afraid that the other side would launch a pre-emptive attack, and that fear was driving them both to seriously consider a pre-emptive attack themselves. The world held its breathe for 13 days and it is possible that one of the reasons the Soviet Union caved in quite quickly was because they were afraid that Fidel was losing it and might do something rash as Fidel is not the kind of person to give in or back down. Up until this point, this has been a positive character trait, now it could lead to disaster. Towards the end of the scene Fidel is furious when he has to realise that Cuba is just a pawn in the Cold War.