Cuba – caught between US and Soviet ideologies

In act 2/musical 2 we may set the stage so the Soviet and US presidents are on either side of the stage, both watching and commenting on what Cuba is doing in the middle. There are several scenes (scene 5b, scene 8b, scene 18b ) where this happens and we could have a song which is sung in turn by the US president, the Soviet president and Fidel.

For example you could do a song e.g. ”Hot little island in the middle of a cold war’ with 3 parts with US, Soviet Union and Cuba all agreeing that Cuba is poor and has problems but all coming from a different angle: US – scoffing e.g. ‘they have no natural resources, ill health uneducated they won’t last’; Fidel – stating the problem and how they will solve it – ‘we are ill-educated, no health, no natural resources, so we will build up our people with free education’ and Soviet president enticing Cuba to solve problem by turning to them e.g.  ‘you have nothing, come under our wing’. (scene 5b)

Another option is to focus on the ideological differences between Cuba, the US and the Soviet Union. You could look at the differences between capitalism, socialism and communism and include in a song – maybe have the two superpowers presenting their point of view, with Che Guevara and Fidel Castro adding their ideas. Jose Marti plays a key role in Cuban values, and he could even rise from the dead to put in his point of view! (scene 18b)

Or you could do a song focusing on how Cuba just wants to be independent and do things their way e.g. ‘Cuban Style’ . You may want to contrast Cuban values and ways of doing things (solidarity) with Soviet (bureaucracy)  and US style (democracy).  This could be a three-way song between the 3 countries. You could reflect this in the musical style varying from a Cuban sound to a US sound or Soviet sound.  Or you could focus in on Cuba and make it a great upbeat finale type number about how Cubans did it their way.

Che Guevara and Fidel are also both angry at the double standard applied to Cuba – i.e. Cuba doesn’t  dictate to the US how to run its country, so will not accept the US dictating to them. See scene 11b  This could be summed up in a song to do with ‘double standards’.