Psychological effects of war on Haydee and others

We need a song to show the psychological effects of desensitisation that occurs when soldiers have been exposed to death and torture. This is necessary for them to be able to fight and a song to show the process as it happens would really bring this to light. The key scene is after Haydee has witnessed her fiance and her brother be tortured to death (scene 7). In scene 8 we see how she has gone from being a girl almost playing at war to a woman who has survived torture and seeing her loved ones die. There is a key phrase in this scene ‘you can’t let it get to you’ that summarises the necessary state of mind to adopt to be able to carry on fighting after such an experience. This is where a song sung by Haydee or even Melba might work to show this process. The song could be reprised in other scenes where our characters witness terrible deaths but have to suppress their own feelings and toughen up in order to be able to continue the fight. For example when Celia witnesses the flirty barman get shot end of scene 20 , or when Raul has to shoot a traitor end of scene 27, or when the 4 new recruits get killed in their first battle end of scene 24. All these experiences come together again in the scene after Frank dies scene 28. But the key scene is where Haydee grows from being an inexperienced girl to a hardened soldier is scene 8 . This is where she might vow to toughen up, suppress all human feeling, treat death as something to be joked about and go from being a tender girl to a woman who laughs in the face of death. These events all take place early on in Act 1/musical 1, (1950s) but in Act 2/musical 2, in the 1980s Haydee commits suicide. Currently this is not in the script, but it could be if a song is written that could be reprised to show that it is impossible for some people to ever truly escape the horrors of war.