Example rationale for lyrics

Example paragraph providing rationale for lyrics:

The lyrics for ‘Cuban Style’ sum up some of the different values held by Cuba and the United States. For example Cuban values focus on solidarity, social justice, community and equality. Americans place more value on material wealth, individualism and freedom of choice. The main point of the song is to demonstrate Cuba’s desire to do things their way without interference, and also incorporate the vibrant spirit of the island. This song would work nicely if included at any point where the US or the Soviet Union are trying to make Cuba do things their way. For example the lyric about Soviet bureaucracy would work when Fidel Castro was becoming unhappy with the extent of Soviet interference, and the song can be reprised at another point when the US and Cuba are in conflict:

Song – Cuban style

We don’t do it US style

We don’t do it Russian style

We do it….Cuban style

We do it… Salsa! We do it… Rum! We do it… together! We do it … Sun!

We don’t need your grey suits and rules, we don’t need Soviet bureaucracy/

We don’t need your stars and stripes, your US style democracy

Cuban people love their country

They are free

 Free from hunger, free from poverty

Free from fear of your supremacy

You see

 We do it Cuban style…

Cuban style is rebel! Cuban style is art! Cuban style is unity, Cuban style is heart!

Later when things are bad the song is reprised

Cuban style is queues, Cuban style is hardship, Cuban style is work, Cuban style is…

N.B. All examples of lyrics are free for students are free to use or adapt for their songs if they wish.