Re: Questions 7, 20, 32, 35 Challenged

From: Anonymous (
Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 15:16:06 BST

> > Question 7 The child knows Universal grammar: I actually put down d, as
> > I knew it wasnt the first 3 however what is tacitly?
> >
> > I feel that my knowledge of the English language or rather lack of it
> > has let me down in this Cogsci quiz!
> (7) The child knows Universal Grammar:
> a. explicitly
> b. partially
> c. consciously
> d. theoretically
> e. ***tacitly
> Well, "tacit" knowledge is mentioned in the text, but this wasn't meant
> to be a vocabulary test: a-d are all wrong, so it had to be e, but
> this question question will be dropped too.

It seems a little unfair to drop this question from the
quiz completely as I had actually read the section of the
book which explained the meaning of the word "tacit" and
therefore answered this question correctly. Could it
possibly be kept in for those people who did get it right
and only dropped for those who did not?

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