Re: Questions 7, 20, 32, 35 Challenged

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Date: Thu May 22 1997 - 16:34:13 BST

> From: "Anonymous"
> > > Question 7 The child knows Universal grammar: I actually put down d, as
> > > I knew it wasnt the first 3 however what is tacitly?
> > >
> > > I feel that my knowledge of the English language or rather lack of it
> > > has let me down in this Cogsci quiz!
> >
> > (7) The child knows Universal Grammar:
> >
> > a. explicitly
> > b. partially
> > c. consciously
> > d. theoretically
> > e. ***tacitly
> >
> > Well, "tacit" knowledge is mentioned in the text, but this wasn't meant
> > to be a vocabulary test: a-d are all wrong, so it had to be e, but
> > this question question will be dropped too.
> It seems a little unfair to drop this question from the quiz completely
> as I had actually read the section of the book which explained the
> meaning of the word "tacit" and therefore answered this question
> correctly. Could it possibly be kept in for those people who did get it
> right and only dropped for those who did not?

You're right, and I think I've found a fair solution:

(1) For questions like this, where most of the class had problems with
it, I will count it for those who got it right, and not count it for
those who got it wrong. That means those who got it right still get a
higher mark, but those who got it wrong don't lose anything (victimless

So if there were 5 questions in all, and everyone got the first three
right and the fourth wrong, and a question like the above one were
the 5th question, then the ones who got it wrong would not have it counted,
and their mark would be 75% (3/4). The one who got it right would get
4/5 (80%). If I had counted it, then this person would still get
80% (4/5) but everyone else would get 60% (3/5) instead of 75% (4/5).

There were two questions like this: 7 and 15.

(2) One question was completely scrapped because it has NO correct
answer (32).

(3) For three questions (6, 24, & 35, there are two answers for each
that will be marked as correct.

See the Archive for the whole set.

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