Questions 7, 20, 32, 35 Challenged

From: Cherry, Sandra (
Date: Wed May 21 1997 - 10:28:09 BST

Question 7 The child knows Universal grammar: I actually put down d, as
I knew it wasnt the first 3 however what is tacitly?

I feel that my knowledge of the English language or rather lack of it
has let me down in this Cogsci quiz!

Question 20 Which of the following are deictic terms? Well I didn't
know what deictic was. So I made a guess which I now know to be wrong.

Question 32 Which of the following are short term memories?
I thought that echoic (can be rehearsed) iconic( like a picture memory)
and digit span (when Miller proposed 7+-2 which can be extended by
chunking) was all part of short term memory. And that episodic memory
was part of long term, however given the question and the choices I
went for e all of the above.

Question 35 The hippocampus is the area where?
I thought that short term memories are consolidated into long term not
that long term memories are consolidated. Therefore not needing any
further consolodation - as they already are! So I put down e none of
the above! I hope that anyone can enlighten me! I look foreward to the
replies! Sandra

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