An Open Journal of Cognitive Science


The full version of this Open Journal is now CLOSED but we can offer a specially prepared demonstrator of citation linking based on the original version.

The work demonstrated the principle and process of large-scale citation linking, and involved collaboration between the Open Journal Project, The Institute for Scientific Information, and two full-text electronic journals edited by Professor Stevan Harnad.

The project's implementation was

Full and unrestricted access for all users was permitted during the evaluation period to the end of May 1998.

Following the project, the practice of citation linking is becoming more common among publishers of electronic journals.

Work continues among the collaborators in the project towards full-scale products and services. To find out more you can contact:

The Open Journal project was funded in the UK by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the Higher Education Funding Councils, as part of its Electronic Libraries (eLib) Programme.

Citation linking and the Open Journal of Cognitive Science

Formally written scholarly papers typically contain references to other papers. When these papers are published on the Web these references can, in some cases, be linked directly to the cited source, or a version of it, an abstract say. Is this useful? We believe so. Links aid navigation between Web documents. In the Open Journal Project we went further, demonstrating that it is possible to retrieve cited papers, or information about those papers, faster and therefore more effectively than is possible in other forms. In addition, the literature can be linked 'forward' in time, not just backward. In other words, links give you a means to manage your view of the literature.

The Open Journal of Cognitive Science was set up to demonstrate citation linking by interlinking references in two journals - Psycoloquy and Behavioral and Brain Sciences - with a database of abstracts provided by the Institute for Scientific Information (ISI) to cover cognitive science-related publications from 1991-1996. The service linked citations in the body of a text to the references at the end of an article; and, where possible within the date range of the resources provided, the reference list was linked to ISI records, with abstracts where available. Each record in the ISI database has its own associated references, which were also linked where possible. You could also discover what later articles have cited any given abstracted paper. This may become clearer if you try the specially prepared demonstrator of citation linking based on the original Open Journal.


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