An Open Journal in Cognitive Science: a Demonstration of Citation Linking

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Welcome to this prepared demonstration of an Open Journal in Cognitive Science. To follow the demonstration click on the red arrows or on the text pointed to by the arrows. There are other links on each page, in some casse many links. Given the restricted nature of this demonstrator, some will work, some will not. Stay on the red arrow path to see the full effect of citation linking, and to avoid getting lost! A brief commentary has been added in a text box at the top of most pages.

Our path will begin from a full-text paper in the journal Psycoloquy, and will take us through a series of linked abstracts from a selective database of abstracts compiled for the project by the Institute of Scientific Information (ISI):

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Hint. Bookmark this page, so if you stray from the path you can return to the beginning.

Please do let us know what you thought of this demonstrator by mailing Steve Hitchcock. Your views will inform developments within the wider electronic libraries research and development community, and given the involvement of a number of major publishers in the project your views could be influential in determining the shape and features of online journals in the future.

You can see how much more effective reference linking can be in a later project. The full-text demonstrator linked here was produced by the Open Citation project, successor to the Open Journal project, and is based on the 100k+ papers in Los Alamos physics eprint archives. Over 50 per cent of references are linked to the corresponding paper in the archive, compared with this Cognitive Science demonstrator in which, on average, only 5 per cent of references can be linked. This demonstrator does have the added advantage of linking forward in time too, as you will see.

Index of the demonstration

About Psycoloquy
An Open Journal in Cognitive Science
Psycoloquy topic page
Full text paper, no links
Original plain text, no links!
Full text paper, no links (again)
Full text, now with links
Cited, abstracted paper (Rugg et al.), with links
Cited, abstracted paper (Friedman), with links
Cited, abstracted paper (Ritter), with links
Citing papers, linked
Cited, abstracted paper (Friedman), with citing link
Papers citing Friedman, linked
Citing paper (Rybash), linked
The user view
Citation linking in context: what others are doing

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