The Eighth ACM International Hypertext Conference

Southampton, UK
April 6-11, 1997


10th Anniversary Conference

In 1987 the first Hypertext conference was held. At that time hypertext was in its infancy, with a few but important systems available, e.g. KMS, NoteCards, Storyspace, Intermedia, Augment, HyperCard, and Guide. There was even a working Xanadu prototype. Since then hypertext has found its way into information kiosks, on-line manuals, collaborative authoring systems, and the World Wide Web. The Hypertext 97 conference will make it evident that the popularity of hypertext still inspires new radical ideas within a multitude of disciplines.

Hypertext 97 is the eighth in the premier international series of conferences on hypertext and hypermedia theory, systems, and applications. Locations alternate between the United States and Europe, with this year in England. Hypertext 97 will offer a forum for presentation and discussion of the latest results in hypermedia research and development, including WWW technology. We invite your participation.

There will be a range of workshops for those wishing to participate in detailed research discusions, a selection of tutorials, both introductory and advanced, for those wishing to learn about latest developments and techniques, and of course the main conference program. This will contain, papers, panels, demos, posters and short papers. In addition, there will be joint sessions with the Sixth World Wide Web Conference which will be running concurrently in California.

Topics in may include:
  • Large-scale distributed hypermedia (including WWW applications)
  • Collaborative hypermedia systems
  • WYSIWYG hypermedia authoring
  • Integration and open hypermedia architectures
  • Techniques for generating, recognizing, navigating and visualizing structure
  • Theories, models, and frameworks
  • Hypertext rhetoric and criticism
  • Empirical studies and hypermedia evaluation
  • Workplace deployment
  • Hypermedia interfaces to data bases
  • Structuring hypertext documents for reading and retrieval
  • Information design
  • Hypertext writing -- fiction, scholarly, and technical
  • Innovative hypertexts and novel uses of hypertext and hypermedia
  • Underlying technologies (persistent object stores, link services, databases, information retrieval, versioning, access control)
  • Hypermedia in education and training

As well as providing a challenging technical programme, we still hope that there will be plenty of opportunities to let your hair down. The conference is being organised as a residential university conference. Meals will be on-site, and are all included in the price of the conference, and a conference dinner will be held on board the historic HMS Warrior in Portsmouth Harbour.

Hypertext 97 will be Serious Fun!

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