The Team

Project Leader :

 Dr Leslie Fletcher, Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Liverpool John Moore University

University of Cambridge Team

Dr Dan Sheppard, Minibix lead.

University of Edinburgh

Dr David McKain; lead for SnuggleTex, ASCIIMathML and interconversion of mathematical formats

University of Leads

 Dr Graham Smith, JAssess lead developer

Kingston University Team

Dr James Annesley, Aqurate & Mathsqurate lead developer.

University of Southampton Team,

Dr Gary Wills, academic lead

Lester Gilbert, Pedagogy, e-learning

Dr Jon Hare, Developed the QTI engine for playing Maths

Alex Frazer, Developed the Moodle plug-in

Asma Ounnas  Developed the Constructor.


Dr Sue Milne Calmat expert, also responsible for User retirements and custom operator specification.



Start date: 01/10/2008

End date: 31/03 2009

Funded by: JISC