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Written by: Ian Hickman
Mining the Social Life of an E-Print Archive
E-print archives have now been around for some time, the largest of which, the Los Alamos Digital Archive, has been accepting submissions since 1991. So why have eprints not taken over from the traditional publication process, or at least become as popular? What is the relationship between the publication process and the submissions to eprint archives? Do author's receive better exposure for submitting to an archive? How does peer-review effect the eprint archive? How do people navigate through the Archive? What effects where they go? Why do they choose to read one paper and not another?


  • Processing the raw web logs
  • Defining a User Session
  • What are the most popular pages on the mirror? 
  • Where do Users come from? 
  • Are newly deposited papers downloaded more? 
  • Do Published papers get Downloaded more than unpublished ones
  • *Citation Analysis
  • *What Came First...
  • Red and Orange links
  • What Fraction of Downloads are due to Citations?
  • *Relationship between Citations, Downloads and age of paper
  • The Life Cycle of a paper 
  • How many times does the average paper get read? 
  • Unanswered Questions... 
  • Anomaly Analysis
  • Some Relevant Links

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