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The OpCit project is concerned with developing and integrating tools to support citation impact analysis and reference linking in openly accessible eprint archives, so the papers found from this page are concerned with these topics.
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Prior to PeP the following papers were listed as OpCit related papers. This list is retained here for archival purposes only. For full and up-to-date lists use the category links right.

Sandra Payette and Carl Lagoze
Value-Added Surrogates for Distributed Content: Establishing a Virtual Control Zone
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 6 No. 6, June 2000
Technical Report TR 2000-1793, Cornell Computer Science Department, March 2000

Herbert Van de Sompel and Carl Lagoze
The Santa Fe Convention of the Open Archives Initiative
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 6 No. 2, February 2000

Herbert Van de Sompel et al.
The UPS Prototype: An Experimental End-User Service across E-Print Archives
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 6 No. 2, February 2000

Helen Atkins et al.
Reference Linking with DOIs: A Case Study
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 6 No. 2, February 2000

Catherine Lyons and Howard Ratner
DOIs Used for Reference Linking: DOI-X
International DOI Foundation, October 1999

Herbert Van de Sompel and Patrick Hochstenbach
Reference Linking in a Hybrid Library Environment: Part 3: Generalizing the SFX solution in the "SFX@Ghent & SFX@LANL" experiment
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 5, No. 10, October 1999

Helen Atkins
The ISI® Web of Science® - Links and Electronic Journals
D-Lib Magazine, Vol. 5 No. 9, September 1999

Priscilla Caplan and Dale Flecker
Choosing the Appropriate Copy (Report of a discussion of options for selecting the among multiples copies of an electronic journal article)
Digital Library Federation Architecture Committee, September 1999

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