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Preserv Video Details

Preserv Us!
The story of the Preserv project by the people behind it

Length: 23 minutes 44 seconds
Released: May 2007

Produced and published by: ECS-TV, School of Electronics and Computer Science (ECS), University of Southampton.
Other participating institutions: The British Library, The National Archives (UK), Oxford University.
Sponsors: production of this this video was supported by the Digital Curation Centre (DCC). The Preserv project is funded by JISC within the programme Supporting Digital Preservation and Asset Management in Institutions.

Summary: Through commentary and personal perspectives from the main project participants, this video tells the story of the Preserv project (2005-2007), which investigated the preservation of digital materials held in institutional repositories.

Location: Filmed at the University of Southampton, and on location at the British Library, London, and The National Archives, Kew.

More information: contact Steve Hitchcock at the School of ECS, Southampton University

Cast (in order of appearance):
Steve Hitchcock, Southampton U.
Jessie Hey, Southampton U.
Helen Hockx-Yu, JISC
Les Carr, Southampton U.
Adam Farquhar, British Library
Adrian Brown, The National Archives
Tim Brody, Southampton U.
Neil Jefferies, Oxford U.

Digital Recording Technician: Sarah Prendergast
Writer and Director: Steve Hitchcock
Editor and Producer: David Tarrant

This video is also in the University of Southampton institutional repository, e-Prints Soton. View record.

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Scene-by-scene for quick scanning

Start Introduction
2:19 Helen Hockx-Yu, on the JISC 404 programme
2:43 Les Carr, Why Preserv?
3:54 At the BL
4:14 Adam Farquhar, BL and digital preservation
6:28 At TNA
6:38 Adrian Brown, on TNA, digital records and PRONOM
7:53 Tim Brody, using PRONOM in Preserv
8:40 Adrian Brown, enhancing PRONOM, on DROID
9:57 Tim Brody, demo of PRONOM-ROAR
12:08 Summary so far
12:38 Adam Farquhar, on preservation methods
14:37 Adrian Brown, on preservation services
15:50 Oxford view
15:56 Neil Jefferies, repository considerations at Oxford
17:51 Tim Brody, preservation in EPrints v3
19:18 Recap over location shots
19:53 Helen Hockx-Yu, achievements of the 404 programme
21:11 Les Carr, outcomes of Preserv
21:48 Conclusions
22:20 Credits and out-takes

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Updates, notes and comment

1 May 2007: In a section demonstrating PRONOM-ROAR, Tim Brody says (11:21 mins) of one example, the Preserv profile for Texas A&M University repository, that most records do not have any files associated with them. In fact, this category consists of 'oversized' files (larger than 2MB) that the prototype service did not download, to minimize bandwidth usage

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