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Joint Preservation Workshop @ ECDL 2009 with EU Planets Project

On 27th September 2009 the EPrints Preservation Team along with some of the Planets Team will be giving a one day Tutorial/Workshop entitled Digital Preservation: Logical and bit-stream preservation using Plato, EPrints and the Cloud. This tutorial will be a one day event held at the start of the European Conference on Digital Libraries 2009 (ECDL2009) in Corfu.

The day will be split into two parts with morning will be dedicated to presentations on the importance of preservation, why you should have a preservation policy and introduce technologies which could help you both design that policy as well as enact it. In the afternoon delegates will be able to get hands on experience with some of the tools discussed in the morning session including the Plato preservation planning tool from Planets and the new features in EPrints 3.2 which allow you to build preservation into your digital repository.

This workshop will be an excellent event with your chance to meet with one of the many partners which the EPrints Preservation Team has been in constant communication with over the past few years. For more information and registration see the ECDL website here.

See you in Corfu!

Posted by dt2 on 29 May 2009 15:13.

EPrints Preservation awarded funding for KeepIt Project

The EPrints Preservation Team has been awarded funding by JISC for the KeepIt Project. This project will be working directly with active EPrints repositories to both train repository managers on preservation concerns as well as integrating preservation technologies into their EPrints repositories.

Over the next 18 Months, the EPrints preservation team will be working to develop a series of exemplar repositories for digital preservation as part of the JISC KeepIt project. The attraction of this project is that the archives chosen to be exemplars all hold differing types of digital objects including art, learning resources and crystallography data. The KeepIt project will also be running many types of tutorials focussed on preservation training as well as introductions to technologies which that be installed in active EPrints repositories.

More information on the project can be found here.

Posted by dct05r on 15 Apr 2009 10:36.