The Preservation Team

Steve Hitchcock - Project Manager

Picture of Steve Hitchcock

Steve Hitchcock has been involved with Institional Repositories and Open Access from their outset, helping launch EPrints in 2001 as the first OAI-compliant repository software.

Steve has been working with institutions using EPrints and encouraging them to become participating members of the Community. Steve has also been actively involved at the core of all the EPrints preservation projects dating back to 2006 with Preserv1.

David Tarrant - Developer

Picture of David Tarrant

Dave Tarrant is a Reseach Assistant at the University of Southampton whose research has recently been focused on digital preservation. Dave built and now maintains the EPrints debian/ubuntu binary installation packages as well as the Live CD. He has also contributed to inproving EPrints training courses and is still developing front end tools and services for EPrints. More recently, he has been helping the development of a new EPrints storage layer and tools to enable digital preservation within the EPrints platform.

Tim Brody - Developer

Picture of Tim Brody

Tim Brody is a Research Assistant at the University of Southampton whose research has focused on harvesting, bibliometric analysis and data mining of the Open Access published research literature. He has produced several online services, including Citebase Search, a citation service for the physics and maths research repository which ranks articles by citation and web impact, and the Institutional Archives Registry which lists active Open Access repositories worldwide. He also worked on the TARDis project, which fed several inferface improvements into the EPrints codebase, including help notes and citation styles.

Tim is currently contributing to the EPrints submission workflow effort.

Les Carr - Project Director

Picture of Les Carr

Les Carr is a senior lecturer in the Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia at the University of Southampton. Since the 1980's he has been experimenting with multimedia information systems, novel ways of constructing hypertexts, digital libraries and knowledge management systems.

He is a fellow of the Web Science Research initiative, the technical director of the EPrints Repository software team and was the chair of the highly successful Open Repositories conference. He is also manager of the ECS repository and also blogs about the experience as RepositoryMan.