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Designed for maximum ease of reuse and for community development, all the myExperiment services are accessible through simple RESTful programming interfaces so that you can use your existing environment (such as a wiki) and augment it with myExperiment functionality – or build entirely new interfaces and functionality mashups. It is also Linked Data compliant, so that you can use Linked Data browsers and tooling for accessing myExperiment content. Finally the open source Web 2.0 Software that powers the web site is downloadable so you can run your own myExperiment – perhaps for your own lab or projects.

This section of the myExperiment Wiki supports the myExperiment developer community - it provides a place for those who are using the API or the codebase to share information about what they're doing. It also provides documentation on using the API and how to download and install your own instance of myExperiment.

These pages are publicly available and you don't need an account to see them, but to create and edit pages in this section you will need a wiki account - please email Finn Bacall to obtain one.

  • The myExperiment source code is maintained in the myExperiment GitHub repository and is available under the [ BSD 3-clause licence].
  • myExperiment issues are tracked with JIRA.


We have several mailing lists relevant to developers:

Minutes from developer meetings can be found here: