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myExperiment is being developed under the Wf4Ever project and other Partner Projects. Wf4Ever aims to deliver methodologies, models, services, reference architecture and software components for adding preservation capabilities to repositories of scientific objects - the enhancement of myExperiment, with the help of volunteers from the myExperiment community, provides the case study. Wf4Ever functionality will be tested in myExperiment, including full Research Object support and new preservation and recommendation features.

Here is the preliminary roadmap:

1. Support for referencing ROs in other systems and the associated metadata synchronisation.

2. Preservation, connecting to wf4ever components including integrity and authenticity, and surfacing this functionality in the myExperiment interface.

3. Improved support for workflow execution.

4. Recommendations, including use of workflow provenance.

5. Underpinning all of these will be a Wf4Ever notification system that integrates with the components and services.

See the project website on for further information.