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The plan for the work has moved to EPrintsPreservationThePlan


The *NEW* EPrints Preservation Interface

The new EPrints preservation page uses underlying DROID classification data which has been indexed in the EPrints repository to construct this page of the formats contained in your repository and the risks associated to these formats. This picture ([1]) shows the interface in a fully working state.

This interface code for EPrints 3.2 is now available at http://files.eprints.org/422/ and is now optimized to handle large amounts of data. New screenshots of the test repository are available [2] and [3].

Other Images

[4] - The original interface before style was added. [5] - The new interface with an open tab.

How it Works & How it links in to all Preserv Work

Stage 1 : Droid Classification


  • EPrints 3.2 (currently not available publicly)
  • JAVA
  • DROID (Available from the National Archives UK)
  • The preserv2/EPrints Preservation toolkit from http://files.eprints.org/422/
  • A web connection to retrieve the PRONOM identification data from The National Archives UK.

With EPrints 3.2 installed we have the Storage Controller which provides a new low level object in EPrints, the "file" object. Using this file object we can iterate over all the files which are related to EPrints and using DROID obtain a PRONOM identifier for the file. This is then stored as a pronomid against that file object in EPrints.

After installation the classification and caching tool should be run regularly to update the file classifications, file counts and risk scores.

At the time of writing the risk scores interface to PRONOM is not publicly available. By following the instructions below you can set up your own simple one.

Stage 2 : Viewing data

From the EPrints interface login as a repository administrator and click the Admin link. From this page select the Formats/Risks button.

Setting up your own Risk Analysis Service

Requirements additional to stage 1

  • The PronomStubCode available from [6] which contains a sample implementation of the Risk Analysis Service for PRONOM.
  • JAVA

Set up and run the PRONOM Stub code on a machine and then we need to edit the FormatsRisks.pm file in EPrints to point it at this URL where the client is running.

As the eprints user edit eprints/archive_name/cfg/cfg.d/pronom.pl and


 $c->{"pronom_unstable"} = 0;


 $c->{"pronom_unstable"} = 1;

Find the line: if (!($risks_url eq ""))

and add this line directly before it (replacing example.org:4444 with the actual location on the web of your PRONOM stub server):

 $risks_url = "http://example.org:4444";

Now you should be able to go to Stage 2

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