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Database Status

Current Database Release:
Version 2.0.1 (28/01/2003)
Download/Request Database (177Mb)

This database contains 1400 questions from the Signal Processing, Circuit Theory, Digital and Microelectronics, Computer Tools, Control, Datacomms, Electromagnetism, Maths for Engineers, Physics/Semi - Conductors, Programming, Telecoms and Power Electronics themes.

There are several known issues with the current release of the database.

The database should work for users of Windows 2000 and Windows XP, with office 2000 and above. It will not work reliably on operating systems other than Windows 2000 and Windows XP.

A version of the database was released with an access runtime. This however proved unreliable for users with versions of office 97 and below. We chose not to include this with the last release as it became too problematic.