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Discrete choice experiment exploring women's preferences in a novel device designed to monitor the womb environment and improve our understanding of reproductive disorders - Ka Ying Bonnie Ng, Rhiannon Evans, Hywel Morgan, Emmanouil Mentzakis and Ying C. Cheong
Type: Article | 2022
Microring resonators for vortex beam emission and their all-optical wavelength tuning - Hailong Pi
Type: Thesis | 2022 | University of Southampton
UMIS Stakeholders' User Requirements' Report - Temitope Omitola, Ben Waterson, Niko Tsakalakis, Richard Gomer, Sophie Stalla-Bourdillon, Thomas Cherrett and Gary Wills
Type: Monograph | 2021 | University of Southampton
Vertical and Lateral Electrodeposition of 2D Material Heterostructures - Yasir Noori, Nema Abdelazim, Sami Ramadan, Victoria Greenacre, Yisong Han, Richard Beanland, Norbert Klein, Gillian Reid, Philip N. Bartlett and Kees De Groot
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2022 | Item availability restricted.
Dataset for the journal article: "Back-end-of-line SiC based memristor for resistive memory and artificial synapse"
Type: Dataset | 2022 | University of Southampton
The engaged student ideal in UK higher education policy - Paul Kelly, Nicholas Fair and Carol Evans
Type: Article | 2017 | Item not available on this server.
The Road to industry 4.0 and beyond: A communications-, information-, and operation technology collaboration perspective - Ziwei Wan, Zhen Gao, Marco Di Renzo and Lajos Hanzo
Type: Article | 2022
Control Meets Inference: Using Network Control to Uncover the Behaviour of Opponents - Zhongqi Cai, Enrico Gerding and Markus Brede
Type: Article | 2022
A data-driven analysis of the interplay between criminological theory and predictive policing algorithms - Age Chapman, Pamela Ugwudike, Philip Grylls, David Gammack and Jacqueline, Anne Ayling
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2022 | ACM
Effect of stoichiometry on AC and DC breakdown of silicon nitride/epoxy nanocomposites - Fuad Alhabill, Alun Vaughan, Anani Nader and Thomas Andritsch
Type: Article | 2021
A soft-input soft-output polar decoding algorithm for turbo-detection in MIMO-aided 5G new radio - Zeynep Burcin Kaykac Egilmez, Luping Xiang, Rob Maunder and Lajos Hanzo
Type: Article | 2022
Centralized and decentralized channel estimation in FDD multi-user massive MIMO systems - Anupama Rajoriya, Rohit Budhiraja and Lajos Hanzo
Type: Article | 2022
Plasma enhanced chemical vapour deposited silicon carbide for back-end-of-line resistive memory - Omesh, Radhev Kapur
Type: Thesis | 2022 | University of Southampton | Item availability restricted.
Assessing security and performance of blockchain systems and consensus protocols: taxonomies, methodologies and benchmarking procedures - Stefano De Angelis
Type: Thesis | 2022 | University of Southampton
EEG-based brain connectivity analysis for identifying neurodevelopmental disorders - Noura, Meshaan Alotaibi
Type: Thesis | 2022 | University of Southampton
Dataset supporting the article - Deep Learning Assisted Adaptive Index Modulation for mmWave Communications with Channel Estimation
Type: Dataset | 2022 | University of Southampton
Pragmatic memory-system support for intermittent computing using emerging non-volatile memory - Sivert T. Sliper, William Wang, Nikos Nikoleris, Alexander Weddell, Anand Savanth, Pranay Prabhat and Geoff Merrett
Type: Article | 2022
Dataset to support the Southampton Doctoral Thesis: Employing Content Analysis & Crowd-sourcing to Revise Randomised Controlled Trials Patient Information Leaflets
Type: Dataset | 2022 | University of Southampton
Intelligence in strategic games (Extended Abstract) - Pavel Naumov and Yuan Yuan
Type: Conference or Workshop Item | 2021 | Item availability restricted.
Measured behaviour of a memristor-based tuneable instrumentation amplifier - Fan Yang, Alexantrou Serb and Themistoklis Prodromakis
Type: Letter | 2022