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Our data collection comprises recording subjects inside and oustide of the laboratory. Inside the laboratory, we film subjects walking alond a defined track, under controlled lighting, and on a treadmill (we train those unfamiliar with walking on a treadmill to use one). Outside, we film subjects walking along a track (and we have raincoats if the weather turns nasty). Note that we never associate identity with the data - it's all totally anonymous. You can have a peep at some data (but don't click if you're on a low-bandwidth connection). During the sessions, we tell you a bit about the research and finally we give you a book token: we are very grateful to those who take part.

We're currently done with the data capture, so no book tokens are to be had at the moment.

If you'd like to see the result of person extraction or edge detection, have a look at the result of processing

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