Plots a trace of the optimisation search history


optimisationHistory plots a trace of the objective function over the search history. optimisationHistory provides a convenient way to view the search history over a number of searches by combining this information in a single plot.









optimisationHistory(RESULTS) Where RESULTS is a cell array containing all of the search results to be plotted. The elements of this array may be either OptionsMatlab output structures or vectors containing objective function values.   


optimisationHistory(RESULTS,LABELS) Where LABELS is a cell array of strings containing the labels for a legend which annotates each of the searches plotted. LABELS must be the same length as RESULTS, otherwise LABELS may be empty if no legend is required.


optimisationHistory(RESULTS,LABELS,WITHMARKERS) Where WITHMARKERS specifies whether markers are to be used on the plot. If WITHMARKERS equals 0 markers will not be used, otherwise markers are generated automatically (default).


optimisationHistory(RESULTS,LABELS,WITHMARKERS,ISLOG) Where ISLOG specifies whether the scale of the Y-axis is logarithmic. If WITHMARKERS equals 0 a linear scale will be used (default), otherwise a logarithmic scale will be used for the Y-axis.



The following example illustrates the use of optimisationHistory:


>> input = createBeamStruct;

>> input.OMETHD = 1.6;

>> resultscell{1} = OptionsMatlab(input);

>> resultscell{2} = rand(200,1)*3000+1000;

>> labels = {'Optivar SEEK','Random values'} 

>> optimisationHistory(resultscell, labels)


Figure 7 The plot produced by optimisationHistory


See also

OptionsMatlab, plotOptionsSurfaces





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