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MyJoulo wins British Gas Connecting Homes Startup Competition and Best Paper at BuildSys 2013.


October 2013

Work from the project has appeared in the following press articles:

MyJoulo is named the UK’s brightest home tech startup
British Gas, 14th October 2013

Memory stick energy startup wins British Gas competition
Energy Live News, 2nd October 2013

Energy project nets top award for uni pair
Southern Daily Echo, 1st October 2013

UK startups must become part of the 'internet of things'
Telegraph, 26th September 2013

Artificial intelligence (AI) means more than just neat gadgets - It could mean a greener future for everyone
Huffington Post UK, 28th March 2013

Smart, social energy: Can software change our energy habits?
BBC News - Technology, 8th November 2012

Smart-grid 'stockbrokers' to manage your power
New Scientist, 7th March 2011

Smart meters help improve home efficiency
IET Magazine, 2nd August 2010