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This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:

ECS Intranet:
GEANT IPv6 Working Group

The GEANT TF-NGN group meets four times a year to discuss trials and studies of novel and leading edge network technologies for the GEANT pan-European academic research network. ECS has leadership of the IPv6 Working Group, which includes deployment of a mini-backbone comprising a Juniper M5 router in Paris, a Telebit router in Amsterdam and, soon, a Hitachi GR2000 router in Southampton. The group covers activities complementary to those of 6NET.

Homepage: http://www.ipv6.ac.uk/gtpv6/
Type: Normal Research Project
Research Group: Intelligence, Agents, Multimedia Group
Theme: Pervasive Computing and Networks
Dates: 1st January 2000 to 1st January 2003

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Principal Investigators

URI: http://id.ecs.soton.ac.uk/project/108
RDF: http://rdf.ecs.soton.ac.uk/project/108

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