This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
Systems and Control
ISIS Research Areas


Former members, and positions where known.

  • Guiglielmo Aglietti (Faculty, Engineering Sciences, University of Southampton)
  • Lubomir Baramov (Honeywell R&D, Prague)
  • Ferenc Beleznay (Faculty, Dept. of Analysis, Eotvos University, Budapest)
  • Sharon Benton
  • Tony Dodd (Faculty, Sheffield University)
  • Vakhtang Lomadze (Faculty)
  • Harish Pillai (Faculty, IIT Bombay)
  • Virendra Sule (Faculty, IIT Bombay)
  • Hendro Wibowo
  • Paul Zaris
  • Jeff Wood (Former Royal Society University Fellowship, now leading a non-academic life)
  • Tarek Al-Towaim
  • Florence Barkats
  • Christopher Freeman (post-doc, EPE group, ECS)
  • Sallehuddin Mohammed Haris
  • George Michalareas
  • Richard Pemberton
  • James Ratcliffe (post-doc, EPE group, ECS)
  • Ahmad Sanei
  • Chengkang Xie (Faculty, Dept. of Mathematics, Southwest China Normal University, China)
  • Stephan Trenn (PhD student, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Ilmenau, Germany)
  • Markus Muller (Postgraduate student, Dept. of Mathematics, University of Ilmenau, Germany)
  • Nagendra Mandaloju
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