This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
Systems and Control
ISIS Research Areas

Systems and Control

ISIS research in systems and control covers a broad range of work, both in theoretical development and in applications. The research is led by

Our research interests lie in:
  • Robust nonlinear control, [French]
  • Identification, [Markovsky, Rapisarda]
  • Adaptive control, [French]
  • Behavioural systems theory, [French, Markovsky, Rapisarda, Rogers]
  • Radar and sonar processing, [Nunn]
  • Plasma modelling, [Nunn]
  • Flow control, [Rogers]
  • Multidimensional (nD) systems, [Rogers]
  • Iterative learning control, [French, Rogers]

To under-pin applications, the research philosophy is focussed on basic theoretical research and on verification and validation of approaches in collaborative hardware demonstrations in partnership with experimental researchers. Our principal industrial collaborators are British Aerospace and Matra Marconi, with further support from the Royal Society, the EU and the EPSRC.

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