This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
Image Processing and Computer Vision
ISIS Research Areas


[From Left: Yalin, Karl, Jeff and James]


Yalin, Karl, Jeff and James at graduation

Dr. Hani Muammar, more than 20 years later is till working with Kodak European R&D, Harrow

Prof. X. Jia, was at Harbin Institute of Technology - now in Hawaii

Dr. Mark Jones, the boss: HoD Electronic Engineering in Brighton

Dr. Adrian Evans, playing rugby whilst lecturing at Bath University

Prof. Yan Qiu Chen, heading a research team in computer vision and artificial life at Fudan University, Shanghai

Prof. Steve Gunn, still here, and a Prof now!

Dr. Colin J. Davies is with the research wing of the IBA

Dr. Alberto Aguado, was at Surrey University now in the electronic games industry

Dr. David Benn, a consultant who's graduated from a large BMW to a bigger Lexus!

Dr. Jason Nash, earning tons at Phillips, Southampton

Dr. Dave Cunado, keeping us connected at Symbian

Dr. Liang Ng, lecturing at the Multimedia University, Malaysia

Dr. Mark Toller ....... disappeared!

Dr. (Vincent) P. S. Huang, Associate Professor at Chung Cheng Institute of Technology in Taiwan

Dr. John Manslow, still floggin that Mondeo

Dr. Mike Grant, is down at Plymouth

Dr. David Hurley, a rare bird of leisure - often spotted on Hampshire golf courses! (when not writing papers on ear biometrics)

Rob Roddis, working for Ray Steele no less

Dr. Douglas Bradshaw, in the biomechanics industry in Cambridge

Dr. Karl Sharman, working for Sony up in Basingstoke

Dr. Jamie Shutler, down in Plymouth Maritime Institute

Dr. Jun Chen, in London in the medical industry

Dr. Andy Tatem, researching at the University of Florida and well known for disease vectors now

Dr. Chew Yean Yam, now with NPL

Dr. James Hayfron Acquah, is with the University of Ghana

Dr. Jeff Foster, despite falling over at graduation works for a software startup near Bristol

Dr. Yalin Zheng, working for University of Liverpool

Dr. Jang Yoo, now back at the Electronics and Telecommunications Research Institute in Korea

Layla Gordon is now with the Ordnance Survey

Dr Stewart Mowbray is working for Sira in Kent

Dr. Stewart Prismall is running his own company

Wan N. Mohd Isa is back lecturing in Malaysia

Dr. Ahmad Al-Mazeed is a lecturer back in Kuwait

Dr. Rob Boston on invariant people modelling

Dr. Alex Bazin is working for Fujitsu

Dr. Peter Myerscough is working for DT Commms

Dr. Dave Wagg now works with Sony

Dr. Mike Jewell is At QMC London

Dr Pete Gething is now at the University of Oxford

Dr. Imed Bouchrika is still working here

Dr. Xin Liu is in Finance in London

Hidayah Rahmalan is back in Malaysia

Dr. Cem Direkoglu is in TCD, Dublin

Dr. Imed Bouchrika is back in Algeria

Dr. Daniel Thorpe is in industry

Dr. Sina Samangooei is in IAM, ECS

Dr. Richard Seely is sorting out our defences

and ex staff (not including those from above!)

Dr. Lee Middleton is at ITI Innovation

Dr. Galina Veres is at ITI Innovation

Dr. Michela Goffredo is back at Roma Tre, Italy

Dr. Baofeng Guo is back in China

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