This is now an inactive research group it's members have moved on. You can find them at their new research groups:
Image Processing and Computer Vision
ISIS Research Areas


[From Left: John, Mike, Dave, Mark, Layla, Duncan, Alex, Peter, Stuart, Jang, Stuart, Rob, James and Nick ]

Prof. Mark Nixon - supervisor, PI and general scribe

Dr. John Carter - supervisor, PI and Python fanatic

Dr. Sasan Mahmoodi - supervisor, and curve evolution guru

Dr. Banafshe Arbab Zavar on feature selection in ear biometrics

John Bustard - on ear biometrics

Mina Ibrahim on ear biometrics

Muayed Al-Huseiny on active contours/ evolving shapes

Alastair Campell on (tubular!) shape extraction

Gunawan Ariyanto on 3D Gait Recognition

Sung Uk on 3D Face Recognition

Richard Lowe on Feature Extraction

Imran Ahmed on Feature extraction

Sutat Sae Tang

George Cushen on 3D gait

Dan Reid on Semantic Biometrics

Ben Waller on texture

Nick Udell on 3D image analysis

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