700 Reasons: Reason #247

Reason: 247
Not only is understanding a language the gateway to understanding a culture, but MFL proficiency helps the individual to relativise human differences, and to realise we are all linked to, and yet different from the other. Ignorance of the Other leads to fear and confirms primeval notions of absolute difference: to deny pupils of any socio-economic or cultural background the experience of prepared structured contact with a foreign culture is to deny them one of the experiences they most need in order to emerge strengthened from the chrysalis of adolescence
Nott, D. (2003) 'National language strategies post-Nuffield' in Head, D., Jones, E., Kelly, M., Tinsley, T. (eds) Setting the Agenda for Languages in Higher Education (London: CILT), pp. 119-130
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Culture, Inclusion, Intercultural competence, Secondary sector, Values