700 Reasons: Reason #337

Reason: 337
Our relationship with Europe needs more than English. Europe is emerging not only as a single market but also as a social and political forum in which English serves as a second language. There is a danger that European monolinguals will find themselves marginalised - unable to take a full part in the new institutions and opportunities in the economic, cultural and educational fields. For English monolinguals there is no single other language which will suffice: we need to explore the means of creating diversity of provision and language expertise in both the major and minor European languages
The Nuffield Languages Inquiry (2000) Languages: the next generation (London: The Nuffield Foundation)
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Culture, Diversity, Economic, social and political dimension, Education Studies, Equality (equal opportunities), European Union (EU), Global English, Less Widely Used and Lesser Taught (LWULT) Languages, Multilingualism, UK