700 Reasons: Reason #424

Reason: 424
A key form of knowledge and understanding developed amongst students of languages and related studies is the ability to compare the view of the world from their own cultures with the view of the world from the languages and cultures they have acquired. The analytical skills they have developed can be used equally well in the study of their own culture and in particular in comparing, contrasting and mediating between the two (or more) societies with which they are familiar. The lived experience of time spent abroad as part of the curriculum further enhances the sense of self and others as products of particular language communities at particular moments in their respective histories
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (2002) Languages and Related Studies: Subject Benchmark Statements (Gloucester: QAA)
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Academic skills, Culture, Experiential learning, HE (Higher Education sector), Identity, Intercultural competence, Related subjects, Residence abroad