700 Reasons: Reason #426

Reason: 426
Through their studies and their contact with the target language and associated cultures and their related studies, all students of languages and related studies will develop sensitivity to and awareness of the similarities and dissimilarities between other cultures and societies and their own. In particular, their competence in the target language means they will have an appreciation of the internal diversity and transcultural connectedness, and an attitude of curiosity and openness towards other cultures. The skills and attributes concerned include: a critical understanding of a culture and practices other than one's own: an appreciation of the uniqueness of the other culture(s): an ability and willingness to engage with other cultures: an ability to appreciate and critically evaluate one's own culture
Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (2002) Languages and Related Studies: Subject Benchmark Statements (Gloucester: QAA)
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Critical thinking, Culture, HE (Higher Education sector), Intercultural competence, Related subjects, Values