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In the news

The FutureLearn MOOC (Massive open online course)
Understanding Language: learning and teaching

The FutureLearn MOOC (Massive open online course) ‘Understanding Language: learning and teaching’ is now entering its third week. The course is a collaboration between the University of Southampton and the British Council and offers a taster of topics covered in their joint online MA in English Language Teaching.

The course has had an amazing start with 49,000 sign-ups at the outset. This number continues to grow and as we go into week 3, we have over 57,000 people registered on the course. The different topics for each week are attracting lively discussions with a wide range of language learners and teachers around the world sharing their thoughts and experiences.

In week 1, we had over 35,000 comments on the materials and the big topics of discussion were Professor Roumyana Slabakova’s bottleneck hypothesis of language acquisition and Dr. Alasdair Archibald’s talk of ‘learning styles’ in language learning. Week 2 saw an equal number of comments and users sharing pictures of their language classrooms.

This week will cover technology and language learning, and we plan to hold two live sessions: one via the British Council’s Facebook pages on the joys and challenges of e-tutoring, and the other via a GoogleHangout. Join us and join the discussion!

You can still join up at:



LanguageLearningPortal is an online portal developed by StudyPortals, together with Linguaid and the LLAS Centre for languages, linguistics and area studies, as part of the “Hello! Home of European Language Learning Opportunities ” project. The new portal helps students to find and compare language courses, offered by many language schools and institutes. It will inform prospective language learners on the benefits of learning another language. The aim is to promote multilingualism internationally, as well as to inform students on accreditation and quality labels and motivate quality choices. Read more....


Competition for language learners

YouTube Contest "Win a Language Holiday Abroad"

LanguageLearningPortal will help you to find he perfect language course for you.  Therefore, we are curious to understand which language you would like to learrn of may be improve, and why?  To participate in our contest, you have to create a video in which you tell the whole world which language you would like learn, and then upload it on YouTube.  View here.....

Read more ..............


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Community Board 

Community Board is a space for you to reach the LLAS community. Whether you want feedback on a project, advertise posts / vacancies, new initiatives, or share good practice, let us know and we will feature it on our Community Board. Email :

  • The Ultimate Guide to College Internships - A Student's Guide to Skillfully Locating, Bargaining and Accepting Internships,  Read more....
  • Urban Studies Foundation - International Fellowship Funding Opportunity.  Further particulars and an application form are available to download.  Read more....
  • The Language Factory - has published an infographic that explores the top 5 languages for international business, of which English is one.  It aims to offer an in-depth look into the development of the languages, their global reach etc  Read more.....
  • Teacher Assistants Vacancies -  The English International School Moscow has vacancies for September 2015 for teacher assistants who wish to practise their acquisition of the Russian language in the fascinating city of Moscow or would like to experience the feeling of an exciting and vibrant primary class.  For further information please contact Gilbard Honey-Jones at Orbital Education on 0161 485 7091 or by email 
  • ABCi volunteer teaching placement programme job vacancies - ABCi is seeking students set to graduate with a degree in Education or German and interested in exploring a career working with children in the Austrian alps.   Read more...

Please note: items posted on the Community Board are advertised but not endorsed by LLAS.


Forthcoming LLAS events

January 2015

10th e-learning symposium
22-23 January 2015 - University of Southampton
University of Southampton, Avenue Campus 

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