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In the news

10th LLAS elearning Symposium 2015

22-23rd January, saw the 10th LLAS elearning symposium taking place at the University of Southampton. Over two fantastic days, language teachers came together from across the UK and the world to share their experiences using technology in teaching and learning. There were inspiring and informative keynote talks from: Sara Pierson and Chris Cavey from the British Council, Marion Sadoux from the University of Nottingham, Ningbo, and Benoit Guilbaud, from the University of Manchester. You can watch their presentations again at: https://www.llas.ac.uk/livestream

We also had speakers talking about a range of topics from mobile learning, to Twitter for Italian, online interpreting, screencasting for pronunciation, open educational practice, e-portfolios, blended tandem learning, MOOCs and much more. We recorded most of the sessions and you can see the recordings at: https://www.llas.ac.uk/elearning2015/videos

All of our delegates and speakers helped us celebrate our 10th anniversary in style, enjoying our special symposium biscuits and our photo booth. See the photos on our Facebook page and try to work out who is who behind the wigs/glasses/hats/Egyptian mummies: www.facebook.com/llascentre

We also marked the occasion with the publication of a free, open access ebook, which is an edited collection of case studies and reflective pieces which showcase good practice in the use of technology for language teaching and learning. The book is an inspiring snapshot of good practice and contributions came from practitioners across the world, many of whom attended the symposium itself as speakers. Download the book from: http://research-publishing.net/publications/10-years-of-the-llas-elearning-symposium-case-studies-in-good-practice/

Thank you to all who attended the symposium as speakers, delegates, virtual delegates, Twitter delegates, and to all of those who contributed so magnificently to the ebook. I hope we see you all again next year!


Join the HANDSON MOOC in Russian! - Handson ICT

A russian edition is coming soon of the MOOC from HANDSON to learn and design ICT-based learning design activities. On 9th February, a special edition is being launched of the Learning Design Studio for ICT-based Learning Activities MOOC for the russian speaking audience.   The study materials and the links for external resources will remain in English as in the previous editions but participants will benefit from the learning activities, discussions, and the teachers' support being in Russian.  The MOOC is addressed to educators from all sectors and it offers the opportunity to join a community of learning designers and design your own learning activity base don ICT-tools. For further information, please click here


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LLAS blog  

"The 10th E-Learning Symposium 2015 #elearnLLAS-Day 1 Keynote and Vice Chancellor speech

In 2015, the LLAS Centre is celebrating the 10th birthday of its e-learning symposium.  This year the programme has a mixture of practical workshops, showcases and paper presentations from different teaching and learning contexts all over the UK and internationally!  Keynote speakers are being live-streamed over both days...


Community Board 

Community Board is a space for you to reach the LLAS community. Whether you want feedback on a project, advertise posts / vacancies, new initiatives, or share good practice, let us know and we will feature it on our Community Board. Email : llas@soton.ac.uk

  • Hajj - Global Interaction through Pilgrimage - Published in co-operation with the Dutch National Museum of Ethnology, Leiden  Read more....
  • 4th Annual International Student Recruitment Conference - Speakers from the British Council, Eversheds LLP, UCAS, University of Sunderland, University of the West of England, University Campus Suffolk, University of London, Loughborough University and Brunel Business School.  Further information available.  Read more....
  • EUROCALL2015, University of Padova, Italy, 26-29 August 2015 - CALL FOR PAPERS deadline for submission 15 February 2015.  EUROCALL conferences bring together educators, researchers, PhD students, administrators, designers of software and language learning systems, policy makers and other professionals involved in Computer-Assisted Language Learning (CALL) around the globe.  For further information on Call for Papers, read more....

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