Languages, linguistics and area studies conference 2004 - navigating the new landscape for languages

Date: 30 June, 2004 - 1 July, 2004
Location: School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), University of London
Event type: Conference

The Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies CILT The National Centre for Languages University Council of Modern Lanugages ALAssociation of University Language Centres SCHML Standing Conference of Heads of Modern Languages in Universities ALL Association for Language Learning

Past event summary

This two-day conference was jointly organised by the Subject Centre for Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies and CILT - The National Centre for Languages, in partnership with key subject associations in languages and related studies in higher education: UCML, SCHML, AULC and ALL.

Conference proceedings

Conference papers will be available on this website by Decemeber 2004. For any further details, please visit the conference website (


The conference aims to bring together all those concerned with the development of policy, strategy and the curriculum in languages and related studies (including linguistics) in higher education, both in the UK and internationally.

These are challenging times for languages and related studies. The recent report 'A new landscape for languages', funded by the Nuffield Foundation, mapped current trends and demonstrated that they are not confined to the UK. Among the key needs it identified were: the effective management of more differentiated provision; increased collaboration between education sectors and institutions; and clearer rationales for the study of languages.

These needs are set in the context of the contracting range of universities offering languages, the increasing range of languages available and the shrinking numbers of students studying specialist language degrees.

The conference will address national, international and institutional policy issues as well as innovation, with respect to curriculum design, content and delivery.