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This bulletin contains information on the following:

  1. Intercultural Learning: IALIC/Subject Centre Pedagogical Forum - University of Lancaster - 16 December 2003
  2. Teaching methodology, philosophy and social theory in Area Studies - Area Studies Project Event Scottish CILT, University of Stirling - 04 February 2004
  3. Overseas Fieldwork & Cultural Exchanges in HE: Student Support and Safety 28 January 2004 - RGS-IBG Education Centre, London
  4. The Evolution of Learning and Web Technologies: Survival of the Fittest? International Research Symposium : 22-23 March 2004 - University of Bristol
  5. The European Language Teacher - publication by M. Grenfell, M. Kelly & D. Jones
  6. Autonomous Language Learning in Tandem - edited by Tim Lewis and Lesley Walker
  7. Students and the Workplace - We would value your input!
  8. Formation of a new Council for Area Studies
  9. Teaching across Cultures: Anglophone Area Studies and Student Diversity in an International Context - A nationwide online survey
  10. Review of Subject Centre events

Subject Centre events

1. Intercultural Learning: IALIC/Subject Centre Pedagogical Forum

Tuesday 16 December 2003, University of Lancaster
Affiliated to the 4th Annual Conference of IALIC (International Association for Languages and Intercultural Communication) this forum will look at intercultural education in general (where, when and how it is delivered) and will explore specific issues relating to the learning, teaching and assessing of intercultural skills. It will present examples of practical approaches to intercultural teaching (tasks, tools and methods) and consider research findings on the impact/outcomes of intercultural learning. It will also consider the role of the educator - (inter)cultural attitudes, values and being.

The forum will be chaired by Mike Byram (University of Durham) and will combine formal presentations and workshop/ discussion sessions. The event is being sponsored/organised by the Subject Centre.

The Pedagogical Forum is open to non-delegates of the conference who can reserve a place by completing the registration form. The programme for the forum is now available on the Subject Centre website.Details of the IALIC conference can be found at:

Please note: There will be a charge of £40 per person to cover the cost of attending the forum BUT conference delegates do not need to register separately for the Pedagogical Forum as it forms part of the overall conference package.

2. Teaching methodology, philosophy and social theory in Area Studies

Area Studies Project Event - Wednesday 4 February 2004, Scottish CILT, University of Stirling
We are now taking bookings for this event. A programme and booking form are on the Subject Centre website or contact Marie Weaver

3. Overseas fieldwork and cultural exchanges in he: student support and safety

Wednesday 28 January 2004 - RGS-IBG Education Centre, 1 Kensington Gore, London
This is a collaborative event being held by LTSN Geography, Earth and Environmental Sciences (GEES) and LTSN Languages, Linguistics and Area Studies (in association with the Royal Geographical Society with the Institute of British Geographers). Registration form and further information including full programme are available online at:

Other event

4. The evolution of learning and web technologies: survival of the fittest?

International Research Symposium, 22 - 23 March 2004, University of Bristol
This two-day Colston Research Symposium at the University of Bristol will bring together researchers from a number of disciplines to consider (and make use of) evolving technologies and modes of learning. For further information and the booking form please visit:


5. The European Language Teacher

This publication by Michael Grenfell, Michael Kelly and Diana Jones, published by Peter Lang, looks at recent trends and future developments in Teacher Education. It examines the contexts for addressing language teacher training, current provision in language teacher training and provides case studies of good practice as well as recommendations for action to further good practice. Copies of the publication (price £32) are available from the Subject Centre. Please email the Subject Centre ( if you would like to order a copy.

6. Autonomous Language Learning in Tandem - edited by Tim Lewis and Lesley Walker

Published by : Academy Electronic Publications, PO Box 1973, Sheffield S6 2XW
This book explores the strategies needed by a teacher to support independent language learning - a major preoccupation in today's educational climate - and should appeal to all those who are interested in promoting opportunities for lifelong learning. Price: £16.99 (UK pound sterling), $28.99 (US dollars), 24,99 euros. Plus free worldwide delivery. You can purchase your copy by postal mail or by using AEP's internet ordering system. Further information can be found at: Alernatively, request an order form to be sent to you by emailing:

Other items

6. Students and the workplace - We would value your input!

How do you prepare your students for the workplace? Do you run modules to prepare your students for the world of work? What else do you do to help your students prepare for life after graduation? Please contact the Subject Centre ( and let us know what you are doing.

8. Formation of a new council for Area Studies

UKCASA (United Kingdom Council of Area Studies Associations) was formed on 5 November 2003 at an open meeting at CILT. 16 Area Studies Associations have come together to form the council, the aims of which are as follows:

  • To promote, support and defend Area Studies programmes at both undergraduate and postgraduate level in UK Higher Education Institutions.
  • To provide a voice for Area Studies in dialogue with different government agencies across the UK.
  • To develop a collaborative community amongst Area Studies Associations and practitioners.
  • To promote interdisciplinary research and teaching about specific regions of the world.


For further details contact John Canning at the Subject Centre (

9. Teaching across cultures: Anglophone Area Studies and student diversity in an international context

An on-line survey has been set up to explore the teaching of Anglophone Area Studies programmes. The project is concerned with evaluating current teaching, learning and assessment strategies that address student cultural diversity both in the classroom and in the international context. We are inviting broad participation in the survey between now and the end. The survey can be found at:>.

If you are also a Programme Leader or Director, we would be additionally grateful if you would tell colleagues who teach on your programme about it. For further information please visit the Subject Centre website.

10. Review of Subject Centre events

Many of you will recently have received an email asking for your views on our website or on an event you attended. Many thanks to all of you who have responded with helpful comments. These will help our evaluator assess the impact of our work on the community. For those of you who have yet to reply, we would still like to hear from you if you are able to send us a response.

We would be grateful if your would forward this bulletin to colleagues and relevant mailing lists. Please do not hesitate to contact the Subject Centre if you have any queries regarding this bulletin.

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